Your Words. Our Rewards

This is an easy ebike to enjoy. You hop on, flip a switch and off you go for 10-20 miles

The bike itself feels very solid, with a steel frame, various aluminum-alloy parts and a comfy seat. There's nothing here that suggests "cheap" except for the price


Ancheer is good value. It's just as powerful as more expensive electric bikes and the battery has enough power for a 30-mile ride so long as it's a warm day and not too hilly.

If you are looking for a proper entry into electric mountain bikes, and want a bike that can do more than one thing, the Ancheer Power Plus is a great choice.

Female-centric marketing aside, that's who this scooter is great for. It's steady, sturdy, and smooth, so rookie riders don't have to worry about being jerked around or losing their balance