Ancheer Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill

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Size:Wings Style (L)

Ancheer Charcoal grill: one for all BBQ girll with a specific purpose to grill foods on skewers over very hot charcoal
such as making delicious Kebab, Shashlik, Spiedini on the Skewers. It's time to begin your BBQ banquet with Ancheer Charcoal Grill

Enough Cooking Surface: 60*30cm /23.62*11.81 inch
When we go outdoors/get together at our backyard to do bbq series with our friends/family, no doubt we need a charcoal
grill with enough cooking space to meet all people's demand

Considerate Portable and Folding design
This charcoal grill featured with: extending to use and folding to carry, the legs are foldable for your convenient hand carry;
it is space-saving after folding, you can easily pack it in the trunk/boot of your car

All stainless steel construction with vent control on both side
"Rustproof and warp-proof sturdy enough to withstand wind and sunlight; the vent well controls air circulation
for even distribution of heat and making juicy bbq banquet

" A built-in charcoal for charcoal burning thoroughly
The black charcoal-holding grid at the bottom helps hot charcoal stay up to get enough oxygen and will not be
extinguished by the ashes it generates


Model: ZN1066
Material: Stainless Steel
Net Weight: 4.8 kg/ 10.58 lbs
Extended Size: 112*30*71cm (L x W x H) / 44.09*11.81*27.95 inch (L x W x H)
Folded Size: 60*30*20cm (L x W x H) / 23.62*13.19*7.87 inch (L x W x H)
Cooking Surface Size: 60*30cm /23.62*11.81 inch
Package List: 1x Charcoal Grill + 1x Charcoal Grid + 1x Grill Grate

Warm Tips:

Keep your child away from the super hot grill to avoid scalded
Empty the ashes and brush the grill like any barbecue or clean it with a garden hose if condition permits

  • A Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill: rust- proof & non-disforming, durable and safe, double stand design add extra stability when grilling
  • Grill Grate Size: 48*34cm /18.90*13.39 inch, enough grill surface to satisfy the needs of your whole famimly / party member, and enough inner space to contain charcoal
  • A Portable and Foldable BBQ Grill: sturdy to use with extended size of 32.28*11.81*21.65 inch (L x W x H), folding to hand carry with size of 18.90*13.19*7.87 inch (L x W x H)
  • Vent Control design: helps charcoal burn thoroughly, make good control of heat intensity and creates condition of even air circulation for grill delicous yakitori, Satay, kabobs, marinated chicken, pork and shrimp
  • Warranty--ISO quality control system; back up with 30 days risk free return, 1 year guarantee on material, buy Ancheer BBQ Stainless Steel Charcoal Yakitori Grill with confidence